Maximizing Your Black-jack Earnings Without Counting Cards

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Twenty-one has several of the greatest odds in the betting house. The casino’s advantage is about ½ of one per-cent. Except, the gambling establishments still produce a killing. The house has these odds in opposition to a gambler using basic strategy. Most players will not use basic system, and this is one reason why the gambling houses reap substantial profits. Basic technique is often a easy set of rules for wagering your dealt cards against the croupiers up card. Most gambling house gift shops will sell "basic strategy" tip cards. Or you’ll be able to uncover charts on the web. So my first action to "Maximizing your Black jack Earnings" would be to use basic strategy. This may decrease the houses advantage greatly and is really a solid foundation for maximizing your black-jack earnings.

The second action is selecting the blackjack table with the finest odds. A really necessary principle in card counting and pontoon odds is greater value cards (10’s) support the player and lower value cards hurt the player. The reason is the croupier MUST hit to a seventeen or higher. With far more greater cards the dealer will bust a lot more and the gambler will succeed. So remember to wager on tables that provide fewer decks, avoid six deck games and play 1 or 2 deck games if available.

The third stage is do not increase your bet because of "gut" feelings. Increase your wager when it is most optimal for you. How do you do this without counting cards? I call it monitoring cards. If you notice that an overwhelming majority of the cards dealt on the last hand were low cards, raise your wager on the next hand. This will probably be more successful on a single or double deck game. And also you wont win just about every time so don’t go crazy with your bet. Over the long run you’ll see results. Which brings me to my forth step.

The fourth phase is always to preserve records. I have a little pocket notebook I maintain pontoon records in. You have to understand that twenty-one can have great swings. You can win for days straight and then not win for a week straight. Except in the event you maintain records you may see what your profit are over the prolonged run. I jot down what I started with and what I ended with, and how extended it took.

The 5th step is Do not deviate. If you’ve got a sixteen against a croupiers ten hit every single time, don’t stand because of a "gut" feeling. The casinos generate millions on these gut emotions! Always split and double when basic technique calls for it. This is were you make your money.

Be a pro and you to can "Optimize your Pontoon Earnings Without having Counting Cards"

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